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Agricultural Project for Sonshine Orphans

One of the goals for Sonshine is to achieve self-dependency, this is one of the key reasons we purchased 15 acres of land.

We currently farm about 1 ½ acres in vegetables, grow oranges, mangoes, avocados and bananas.

We raise dairy cows and have about 100 laying chickens for eggs, but we hope to expand. Our next project is to add drip irrigation, additional water tanks, expand our crops acreage and increase our solar power capacity

Raised: $2,800/   Goal: $8,500

Orphans have a tough time moving forward if they don't have help. Tanzania has plenty of children who've been orphaned by the AIDS pandemic and they need your help and ours so they can become self-sustaining.


We have the land, we provide the training, the water, the seeds, and support so that orphaned children can have a shot at the future. With our team on the ground, the children  receive tons of instruction, support and monitoring so that the project is a successful one.


We follow a program called FARMING GOD'S WAY developed by our friend Mike Peens. His program helps maximize the crop yeild, reduce the amount of water, fertilizer and even labor needed. Mike has been teaching this farming method in East Africa for more then 25 years. Our farm manager worked under Mr. Peens for 3 years recieving the training and know how. We are very excited that with your help, we can expand this new program soon!!!