Staff Housing

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Admin Building

for Sonshine Staff 

Our  Director and his family currently occupy space in one of our children’s homes. In order to free up space for more kids and comply with current government regulations, we need to move our staff away from children's housing and into their own facility.

This staff home is curently about 40% complete with the foundation completed, all walls are up,  all windows are purchased and ready for installation and the septic system is done. 

But, we still have a ways to go! Electical, plumbing, plaster, roof and ceiling, doors, tile, cabinets and paint. We can get all this done for a very modest price of about $35,000 for this 1,000 SF home. Pretty amazing!   

When this project is finished, our manager, his wife and their family will have their own space,  and we will be able to release 2 additional rooms allowing Sonshine to accommodate more kids.

Raised: $35,000/ Goal: $35,000

This project is now complete!

Our director Steve and his family have now moved out of the children's quarters into this new home!  

Thanks to all who helped make this possible!