Your Support is Powerful 


For only $3.50 a day you provide your child  a home, a bed, 3 meals a day, clean water, clothing, medical care, a great education and a lot of love.


Your decision could be a life or death choice for the child you sponsor.  



Be a Hero! Sponsor Your Child Today!

Together is Better


Sonshine Children’s Center takes care of children who come from terrible places. Each child has his own story, but they all have the same theme – orphaned, abandoned, mistreated, neglected, abused - living in misery,  without hope, without a future.


We are committed to changing all that, we transform their future  by ministering to the whole child: Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit.


We build their body by providing the very best diet with sound meals each day and plenty of it. These kids eat a lot and we are glad to provide all that they want. 


We shape their minds by providing the best education possible. Our kids attend a nearby English Immersion School, the best in the area, and our kids score at the top of their classes.


We nurture their souls by ministering to the broken areas of their lives that were stunted and hurt during their early life experiences.


We minister to their spirit through praise and worship, by imparting biblical truths, and in sharing Jesus Christ. 


Be a Hero! Sponsor Your Child Today!

Sonshine Ministries gives kids a chance at life, to be part of a family, to find new friends. We give hope,  we comfort the broken hearted, we help restore their health, and provide a quality education. 

One Person Can Make a Difference



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We Make The World A Happier Place




Become a Sonshine  Sponsor, Partner or Volunteer today!


Sponsors provide financial support and emotional healing to our kids.


Sponsors communicate directly with their child through email, letters, and especially facetime giving hope and love. They also recieve alot in return! Our kids keep their sponsor's pictures so they remember to pray for them. 


Our team really needs partners. People who are willing and have the desire to help others in need.


Partners communicate with our donors and sponsors, help with short term projects and needs. They also coordinate to collect needed clothes, school needs and other supplies for Sonshine.


Volunteers help Sonshine with special needs and short-term projects such as fundraisers, banquets, preparing for missions’ trips, project campaigns and ministry awareness. 


Our volunteer staff also supports our partners and helps us stay organized. Our volunteers fill a great need for our ministry.


If you are active and ready to change the world for the better, we look forward to hearing from you.




The dedication and work of Team Sonshine is amazing.

I support a child with Sonshine because they have proven to do what they say they will do.

The leadership and staff have one main objective, to provide the very best environment for the children and staff who live there.

Richard Cernava

Sonshine Donor

This ministry does what a lot of other organizations should have been doing years ago. It is great that Sonshine exists.

They are responsive to the needs of the children, the staff and the donors.

Team Sonshine not only gives care and assistance, they bring love, hope and joy to kids who have never experienced any of those things ever before.  

Dave Zimel

Sonshine Donor

 Sonshine has been a partner with Manyota English Immersion School for 4 years and we have always been delighted with our friendship. They continue to contribute to our school and we count on their help and guidance many times when making critical decisions for our school.

Mary Mosha - Manyota School

Sonshine Ministries Partner Organisation