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We Work Together

Sonshine Ministries International was established in 2005 and was founded to care for children left parentless by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, we bring hope to the sick, the lost, and the forgotten. 
Starting with a vision and not much more, Sonshine has grown to 15 acres, 4 children’s homes (3 completed), a dining hall, visitors home, school class rooms, dairy and farm operations and much more. We provide a safe home for abandoned, abused, orphaned children of Tanzania.

  • Our organization welcomes Sponsors, Partners and Volunteers
  • We work together to do good things
  • Your donation online makes this world a better place

We are not afraid of new things, always ready to listen to your ideas, to try them and to promote their most effective implementation.

We are proud that every year more sponsors, more partners and more volunteers join us, because it says that there are many caring people willing to come to the aid of kids who are in desperate need.

We are a team of many


Sonshine builds relationships with individuals who want to make a difference with their lives. By finding those who want to create change, we  deepen the impact of Sonshine. 

Team U.S.A.
     Founders, Board Members, Media & Communications Coordinator, Sponsorship Manager, Program Coordinator, and Trip Coordinator 
     Sponsors provide financial support and emotional healing to our kids. Many sponsors communicate directly with their child through email, letters, and facetime giving hope and love. 
    Partners communicate with our donors and sponsors, help with short term projects and needs. They also communicate and coordinate to collect needed clothes, school needs and other supplies for Sonshine   
    Volunteers help with projects such as fund raisers, missions’ trips, project campaigns and ministry awareness 

Team Africa
    Sonshine Center Manager, Assistant Manager, Social Worker, Care Givers, Matrons, Teachers, Farm Manager, Security Team, Cooking Staff and Laundry Staff.


We believe that in every community, there are individuals ready to help make the world a better place.

Sonshine helps kids have a chance, start a new life, find new family . We are growing and receiving more abused and abandoned kids into  our home all the time. 

Will you help us receive another child today?




The dedication and the work of team Sonshine is amazing.

I support a child with Sonshine because they have proven to do what they say they will do.

The leadership and staff have one main objective, to provide the very best environment for the children who live there.

Richard Cernava

Sonshine donor

This ministry does what a lot of other organizations should have been doing years ago. It's great that Sonshine exists.

They are responsive to the needs of the children, the staff and the donors. Their team not only gives care and assistance, they bring love, hope and joy to kids who have never experienced any of those things ever before.

Dave Zimel

Sonshine donor

 Sonshine has been a partner with Manyota English Immersion School for 4 years and we have always been delighted with our friendship. They continue to contribute to our school and we count on their help and guidance many times when making critical decisions for our school.

Neema Mollel - Manyota School

A Sonshine Ministries Partner Organization 



You really can make a difference!

Our team really needs your help. People who are willing and have the desire to comfort children in need. If you are active and ready to change the world for the better, we want to hear from you!