It is the atmosphere of heaven that changes the atmosphere on Earth. We encourage heaven's atmosphere to invade our lives and our ministry by living Kingdom values including love, hope, honor, humility, grace, and gratitude. When we live by these values we create an environment that will shape the culture around us. This process always leads to change.


Our Vision Statement

Our vision for Sonshine is to encourage heaven to be released over Sonshine Center, changing the children by changing the environment in which they live. We accomplish this by diligently practicing our core values.


Our Mission Statement

Fulfillment of our vision requires an ambitious mission strategy. We have identified three areas that not only enable the completion of our mission, but also set us apart from other charitable organizations: 

The Complete Child
A Self-Sufficient Village
Together is Better

Our Core Values

The excellent way is the way of love

The way of God is the way of love. Love is the bond that joins our hearts together. Everything done in, for and because of love yields fruit with eternal value. 


Seeing all things through Kingdom eyes - Heaven’s perspective

The Eyes of Faith enable us to believe the best about others. We are to know each other through the lenses of God's Kingdom, not the flesh.  


Nurturing enduring hope

We value process. Being filled with hope, we possess a finisher’s heart, the spirit of endurance, patience and longevity in our journey. Hope anchors all of us together to the future that He has promised us. 


Honor increases and releases life in, among and through us

Christ in us is the Hope of Glory. We honor others because we see Christ in others. A culture of honor activates an unstoppable force of goodness in this world. 


Humility releases the fullness of God’s ability

Humility is the hallmark of greatness. We maintain humility in our hearts towards one another on our way to greater heights in His Kingdom. The way up is to stay low.


Kingdom assignment 

We are a family with purpose. We are called to bring the Kingdom of God to the unreached, releasing the love of the Father to the least, the last and the lost. This is the heartbeat of our family. 


Attitude of gratitude

In all things we give thanks for this is the will of God. Thankfulness opens us up for more favor.  


Passionate receivers, extravagant givers

Freely we receive and freely we give.  Everything in the Kingdom of God is to be received and not to be achieved. We give extravagantly because we have received from Him extravagantly. The purpose of blessing is to be a blessing!


Good Kingdom stewards reaping great Kingdom rewards

Increase comes to the hands of the faithful. We value the works of God in us, we work together to cultivate what has been entrusted to us. Faith plus faithfulness brings heavenly harvests.  


Seekers of God before speakers of God

We pursue His presence, we declare His glory. Our speaking of Him overflows from our being with Him. 


Supernatural is natural in the Family of God

The Kingdom of God is supernatural. Signs, miracles, wonders and the gifts of the Spirit all demonstrate the supremacy of the Kingdom of God in all things.  


We value family

Father, Son and Holy Spirit; Three-in-One, this is the divine pattern for our family. There is unity, alignment and love in the family. Interdependence draws us to God and to one another. None of us is as great as all of us!

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