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  October  2019


September Missions Trip

by Carrie Clark


Where to begin? Our team just returned home from a great trip to Tanzania. I’m beginning to realize how sold-out I am for Sonshine, the staff, the kids and the amazing atmosphere of love they’ve created there.

This trip I left a part of my heart behind. Sonshine has become my home away from home. So many special moments, Ray kept things moving along on the administrator’s home construction, and we had many meeting regarding the high school project we are starting. We all took time to enjoy the staff and kids, getting to know everyone even deeper.

Our great friends Pacifique and Kendi joined us from Rwanda spending nearly 2 weeks at our center. We all learned a lot about cross-culture in the kingdom of God, how to have heaven on earth, we grew deeper in the Lord and experienced so much spiritually it’s hard to express.

We made sure to take time for a great banquet of chicken prepared by Siri and Simon, we feasted on popcorn and sang and laughed and loved. We visited friends of Sonshine who are leaving Tanzania for Oregon and spent time with other friends who are busy moving to a new home and expanding their ministry.

We are also expanding. We’ve added a new Caregiver, an Assistant Social Worker and a new Matron in preparation to receive more children. With the completion of this new building we will now have space for 12 more kids. By the way, we just received a new little guy named Eli Santé (Eli) who will melt your heart when you meet him.

We’ve learned that our kids are doing great in school, many in the top 10% of their classes. They work hard each day with their school work, our staff spends time in the evening helping them; they also help each other.

I just want each of our partners to know . . . you are really making a difference in the lives of these little guys. It’s almost impossible to put into words just how big of an impact your prayers, your support and your love makes.  We truly love you and want to say thank you so much for all that you do.



  August  2019


A Letter From Our Staff

by Kendi Hakizimana


This letter is from our good friend Kendi  who did a Sunday School class with our kids.


We had some very wonderful experiences today as we conducted the Sunday service here at Sonshine. I spend time with our children in worship of God, for sure God visited us in a mighty way. These are some of experiences of how our children poured their hearts before the Lord, it was so amazing.

We spent 2½ hours in the presence of God and it was just wonderful. But during that time it felt like only 15 minutes! After that we had another time of listening to God, and God clearly spoke to us using different children.

Antonia saw an open heaven and someone clothed in white robe descending from that open heaven and rested upon Ray's shoulder where he was standing at our Sonshine gate. Then she saw all the people that were entering through our gate were receiving healing and we were all amazed.

Big Joshua saw some very lovely people in the whole compound clearing all the messes and correcting all dirty things that were causing pollution in our village and then the homes were all shining and those who were cleaning said we are to be without spot or wrinkle.

Happy saw a tap water in front of the houses that was running through-out, it was pure and clean and Happy said she was feeling so refreshed from it.

Jasmine saw a picture of Zacchaeus climbing in a big tree and he wanted to see Jesus and to be with Him, then he invited Jasmine into the tree so she could also see Him better.

Our little Pendo began to sing a very powerful worship song from deep within her heart; she could not stand but just knelt down. This was her song'' The Spirit of the Lord is here baptizing every soul''

It was all so good; truly we are blessed in this place to have the presence of the Lord so, so strong.

  October 2019


Our Next Adventure

by Ray Schumacher



Most Tanzanian children do not receive a high school education and vocational training is unavailable without at least 2 years of high school. Instead of continuing in school, some are forced into child labor to supplement their family’s income. Girls face challenges due to their gender. Many are blocked due to costs, others due to government policies. Even those who can attend generally get a very poor education.


Build a quality high school with completion in 2021.

A quality high school education is possible if students enroll in private centers. Our school is designed to provide a high quality affordable education to both gifted students and those who need a second chance. Our model includes the following key components:

Highest Standards: We have the highest standards in leadership, staff, educators, curriculum, facilities and environment possible. We partner with Smart-School, an online curriculum providing the best teaching programs available in Tanzania. Each student will use a smart pad and have access to online courses. Our staff will be extensively trained in the Smart-School curriculum bringing the student’s education into the 21st century.

Scholarship Based: Students will be evaluated on their ability to pay. If they are qualified and accepted, Sonshine will partner with the family to make certain that their school tuition and associated costs are supplemented through grants and sponsorships.

Equal Opportunities for Girls: Half of our students will be girls and they will have the same opportunities as boys.


Watch for updates as we move forward with our plans for this needed project.