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  JANUARY  2019


January Update


This November, we had a great mission’s trip with friends from Oregon, Washington and North Carolina. We also invited our partners Pacifique from Rwanda and Rabson from Aursha. In total, Sonshine Team numbered about 15.

We had an incredible 3 weeks of intense ministry beginning with our leadership conference and village outreach festival to our local area and ending up with a week-long ministry to nearby Maasai churches. We experienced salvations, healing, and deliverances throughout the whole time of ministry. 
One remarkable event – a young man working at the airport had an incredible healing from polio. We actually witnessed his crooked legs and feet straighten and become aligned, we  saw him lay down his crutches and become completely healed in his legs and feet.

The entire airport knew this young guy and there was an incredible level of excitment throughout the place. People from all parts of the airport were coming to see what had happened. The healing was so remarkable that not only did this young man, Joseph lay down his crutches, but he no longer needed his special shoes to walk. He began to walk perfectly, then he began to run and jump and shout!  There was no longer any sign of his life long handicap. It was so amazing!

God is so big and full of love! He is incredible

  JANUARY  2019

A Letter From Our Staff

This letter our Home Manager is from a while back but I wanted to reshare it.

We spent 2½ hours in the presence of God and it was just wonderful. After that we had another time of listening to God, and God clearly spoke to us using different children.

Antonia saw an open heaven and someone clothed in a white robe descending from that open heaven and rested upon Ray's shoulder where he was standing at our Sonshine gate. Then she saw all the people that were entering through our gate were receiving healing and we were all amazed.

Joshua saw some very lovely people in the whole compound clearing all the messes and correcting all dirty things that were causing pollution in our village and then the homes were all shining.

Happy saw a water stream in front of the houses that was running through-out.

Jasmine saw a picture of Zacchaeus climbing in a big tree and he wanted to see Jesus.

Our little Pendo began to sing a very powerful worship song from deep within her heart; she could not stand but just knelt down. This was her song ''The Spirit of the Lord is here baptizing every soul."

It was all so good; truly we are blessed in this place to have the presence of the Lord so, so strong."

  JANUARY 2019


We Are Growing


Through the efforts of many generous partners, Sonshine has steadily been moving forward adding new children, more staff, and completing new construction projects. In the last year we have accomplished a lot and we want to share some of our progress with you. 
First, we want to share that in 2018 we were able to add 8 additional new children to our center, these kids have all changed us profoundly. Each one is special and unique with a lot of pain, fear and tragedy in their young life. We count each one as a gift to Sonshine and it is so good to see our existing kids comfort and minister to these new guys when they first arrive. 
We also had several construction projects, our largest undertaking was the completion of our new commercial kitchen and dining hall. This new space provides Sonshine the ability to prepare meals for up to 60 children and 20 staff at one time, making a way to house and feed even more children and expand our staff.
This year we were also able to add additional office space, children’s rooms, a large family room-study hall, more showers and restroom facilities as well as expanding our garden area, and add solar power to our well. 
This was a busy year for Sonshine, and we are thankful to all who partnered with us to accomplish all these great improvements.