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We believe Sonshine Ministries can change the lives of people suffering from hunger, illnesses and poverty. We campaign to make the world a fairer place for abandoned children with illnesses, poverty and lack. We take the challenge to make their life better and we encourage them to pass it forward.


Agricultural Projects 


We have expanded our solar water capacity by purchasing the largest solar pump, motor, inverter and solar panels available for our application. We've built an axillary building to house our surface pump and filter for drip irrigation. Our system has the ability to provide enough water for all our home needs and to irrigate 6 acres of farm land.  


Two steps to complete our project


  • Construct an underground cistern to hold our irrigation water

  • Install drip irrigation system for 6 acres of farm land.


Solar Hot Water Heaters 


Due to the high cost of electricity, we've never been able to have hot water for the kids, only cold showers, even during the cold season. 


With new high-efficiency, high capacity Solar Water Heaters we can provide hot showers for all the Sonshine kids, even better, after installation the cost is free! 


  • Our one-time cost to provide Hot Showers is about $150 per child -
  • Will help reduce colds and sniffles



3 Acres Adjacent Land Purchase



The land adjoining Sonshine Center is now for sale. These 3 acres fit perfectly into our Master Plan to add needed buildings and a soccer field for the children.







 The dedication and the work of team Sonshine is amazing.
I support a child with Sonshine because they have proven to do what they say they will do.
The leadership and staff have one main objective, to provide the very best environment for the children who live there.

Richard Cernava

A Sonshine donor

This ministry does what a lot of other organizations should have been doing years ago. It is great that Sonshine exists.
They are responsive to the needs of the children, the staff and the donors. Their team not only gives care and assistance, they bring love, hope and joy to kids who have never experienced any of those things ever before. 

Dave Zimel

A Sonshine donor

Sonshine has been a partner with Manyota English Immersion School for 4 years and we have always been delighted with our friendship. They continue to contribute to our school, and we count on their help and guidance many times when making critical decisions for our school.

Mary Mosha

A Sonshine  Ministries Partner Organisation 



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